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Mohammad Rizwan out on nine-ball, a storm of criticism against the umpire

Warren, Gilchrist, Brett Lee, Arthur and other commentators marveled at the unusual decision. Photo: AFP LAHORE: A storm of criticism has emerged against umpire Michael Goff, who ousted Mohammed Rizwan on the Brisbane Test, while Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist, Brett Lee, Mikey Arthur and a large number of observers have expressed surprise at the decision. ۔ Mohammad Rizwan retaliated with the Pakistani team, scoring 5 wickets before the century, green light shining the hopes of a better total that Tim Paine caught the wicketkeeper batsman at Pat Cummins ball. When the third umpire checked the action replay, it was clear that the bowler’s foot was out of the crease, yet legalizing the ball, Mohammed Rizwan was released on leave, due to a controversial decision on the guest. Team position deteriorated. In this regard, former Australian star Shane Warne said clearly no part of Cummins’ foot was inside the crease. I have never seen this happen in my life, this decision is in no way acceptable. Former pacer Brett Lee made a photo with a white stripe on the floor and his feet on it, saying “Isn’t it Nobel,” and another former Test cricketer Adam Gilchrist expressed similar surprise. Former head coach of the Pakistan team as a TV commentator, Mikey Arthur said that umpires are sometimes deceived, but there was no doubt about the nobility that Mohammed Rizwan was given out. Update 11/22/2019


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