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Mera Jism Meri Marzi Goes Wrong on Live TV – Watch Now!

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Today in a live TV show, there was a serious clash between the writer of famous drama Mere Pass Tum Ho, Khalil Ur Rahman Qamar, and Marvi Sirmed. Khalil ur Rahman is against the concept of Mere Jism Meri Marzi, while Marvi is a big supporter of this slogan.

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During a live TV show, when Khalil Ur Rahman was apposing this slogan and was saying that people who are supporting this slogan are not the people what our society demands, they are spoiling the culture of Pakistan. At the same time, Marvi Sermad started chanting Mere Jism Meri Marzi.

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This made Khalil Ur Rahman angry and he said Shut Up to the Marvi Srimad. After that, they exchanged certain harsh words with each other. The details are available in the video below. Leave a comment in order to let us know who was right and who was wrong.


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