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Latest Update About Corona – Globally

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly. It has affected 186 countries until today. A total of 621,592 cases are reported, among which 28,669 are dead while 137,364 are recovered.

Top Most Affected Countries:

The United States is the country with the most affected people. A total of 105,161 people are affected by Coronavirus. 1,722 people are dead and 2,538 are recovered.

Italy is the country with the second-most number of corona patients. The total number of affected people is 86,498. 10,950 people are recovered while 9,134 are dead. This is the biggest number of deaths due to coronavirus.

China is the country with the third most affected patients. Total patients are 81,394. Among them, 3,295 are dead while 74,971 are recovered.

The number of corona patents in Spain is 72,248. Among which 5,812 are dead and 12,285 are recovered.

Pakistan has done quite well while fighting against coronavirus. Only 1,415 cases are reported so far. 12 people have lost their lives in this fight. While 29 are recovered. Pakistan has done quite well in limited resources.


Let’s Hope the game of coronavirus will be over soon.


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