A Lahori Woman Slapped Warden

In the common capital, a lady slapped a traffic superintendent and offended him and undermined with genuine results. Hareem Shah’s video dancing with PMLN MPA went viral As per the subtleties, the traffic superintendent requested that the lady expel the vehicle from an inappropriate parking area in the Gulberg region on the edges of Lahore … Read more

PIA plane crashed – Watch Now

A PIA plan flying from Lahore to Karachi crashed during the flight near Karachi Airport. People are so exhausted that these planes are so old and can o ly serve people as a coffin. Watch the video below.. #pia plane crashed pic.twitter.com/cEq01CRDow — Different Angle (@AchayDinAaingay) May 22, 2020 There were 99 pessengers and 8 … Read more

$ 10 Material for MRI Faster and Improved

Boston: Magnetic Evolution (MRI) can make photography clearer, better and faster thanks to an intelligent meta-material. In this way a very low cost prescription can benefit patients all over the world as the price of this material is barely $ 10, or $ 1500. MRI can be traced from cerebral palsy to muscular dystrophy. But … Read more