Are Pakistanis Taking Corona Threat Seriously

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Pakistan but the people are not taking it seriously. According to Worldometer, there are 4,194 active cases in Pakistan. 60 deaths are being reported so far due to coronavirus in Pakistan while 467 patients are recovered.

Hundreds of new cases are getting reported every day in Pakistan. The shocking thing is that residents are taking coronavirus too lightly. The lockdown has been enforced in Pakistan by the Government. Shops are closed (except Milk shops, Medical stores and General stores where people can buy food items), but still, the bazaars are full of people. Pakistani people are claiming that they can sit in homes anymore and that they are bored and tired of sitting in their homes.

Many people are claiming that the immunity of Pakistani people against respiratory diseases is developed so much that they can easily resist Coronavirus naturally. The reason behind that is living in a dusty and pollutant environment, which caused this improvement in the immunity of Pakistani people.

While certain scientists claimed that the coronavirus which is in Pakistan, is different from the Chinese one. This virus has evolved (as it is a retrovirus), and this version of coronavirus is not that fatal. This news made Pakistani people more careless.

What’s your opinion? Why are Pakistani people careless about coronavirus? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below 🙂

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