China announces setting up of 19 factories in Gwadar

China intends to play a role in development of Balochistan’s mining, agriculture, fisheries and water sectors: 19 factories to be set up in Gwadar: Chinese ambassador.

Gwadar (Freedy News Newspaper – 09 November 2019) China has announced to set up 19 factories in Gwadar. According to details, Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing told the media that China intends to play a role in the development of Balochistan’s mining, agriculture, fisheries and water sectors, and will also set up 19 factories in Gwadar. The Chinese consulate is simplifying the visa process for businessmen, he added.

Chinese Ambassador said that 200 Pakistani students have received scholarships in China so far. At the same time, he rejected the Chinese government’s inaction on Balochistan’s development projects. Yao Jing said that 19 factories would be set up to provide jobs to Pakistani youth so that the youth would remain unemployed.

Chinese companies are working to strengthen the provincial agricultural sector while 50 vocational centers are being set up to empower the province’s young generation, Yao Jung said.

He added that China will invest in the expansion of Zhob, Dera Ismail Khan Highway, which is very important for SeaPeak. Chinese Ambassador Yujing added that the Pak-China Economic Corridor (C-PAC) will change the economic destiny of not only Balochistan but also Afghanistan and Central Asian countries and all projects will be done through Pakistan. The Chinese ambassador said that developments could be made in the areas of provincial fisheries, agriculture, minerals and livestock which could end poverty in Balochistan.

It should be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced to create one crore jobs for the youth at the time of election and now work is progressing in this regard. China has also started many projects in Pakistan where Pakistani youth will be able to find jobs, now 19 factories are being set up in Gwadar where Pakistanis will get jobs.

Update 11/9/2019

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