Hockey World Cup hosting India for the second time in a row

New Delhi (Sabah News) The Hockey World Federation of International Hockey Organization (FIH) has once again hosted the Hockey World Cup to India, India will host the World Cup for the second consecutive time and for the third time since 2010, As a host, India have gone straight to the World Cup.

According to the FIH announcement, the Hockey World Cup will be hosted once again in India at the executive board meeting in Lausanne. The event will take place in 2023, the city of which the Indian Federation will announce later. Malaysia and Belgium also wanted to host the event, but FIH preferred India. According to Thierry Weil, chief executive officer of FIH, the prospects for revenue were also ignored in the host country. Hockey World Cup will be held in India in 2018 for the second time in a row. Earlier, the 2010 World Cup was also played in India, thus three of the last four World Cups have been in India. As a host, India have been able to play the tournament without winning anything. The five teams will win the continental championship, while the remaining ten of the 16 domestic tournaments will be decided on the basis of rankings among the 20 teams. Will be followed.

Update 11/8/2019

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